Ben & Julie Surprise Engagement

A few weeks ago, Ben reached out to me to coordinate a surprise photoshoot of him and his (at the time) girlfriend, Julie. Little did she know that their walk through Meadowlark Botanical Gardens was about to be much more than an average walk, as Ben planned to propose!

After a good deal of stealthy planning with me, Ben and I used the Find a Friend app on our iPhones to locate one another in the gardens on the big day. I let the two of them walk by me, and then proceeded to follow from afar and snap a few photos while Ben found the perfect spot for his proposal to Julie. Finally, the big moment came. Ben dropped to one knee, and asked Julie to be his wife – to which she heartily agreed! After some celebrating and talking, Ben broke out the champagne that he had tucked away in his backpack for a celebratory toast.

These two were so much fun to work with! After the big moment, I popped out from my hiding spot and introduced myself to the two of them. They looked extremely happy and very much in love. It was a ton of fun to be a part of their special moment (and it definitely brought me back to this past summer, when I proposed to my fiancee!) and to deliver the photos that they will remember it by forever.

Ben and Julie, I wish you two all the best on your new life together! Enjoy the preview.

Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_01 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_02 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_03 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_04 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_05 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_06 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_07 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_08 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_09 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_10 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_11 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_12 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_13 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_14 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_15 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_16 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_17 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_18 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_19 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_20 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_21 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_22 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_23 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_24 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_25 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_26 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_27 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_28 Meadowlark_Garden_Sunny_Surprise_Engagement_29

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