Kevin & Emily Engaged

This post is a particularly fun one for me! For those of you that don’t know, I got married about three weeks ago! This shoot occurred shortly before my honeymoon, at Ocean City, Maryland. My wife’s family and I went to the beach for a week as we do every year, and her younger brother, Kevin, had plans to propose to his girlfriend, Emily, while we were on vacation. The whole family was clued into his plan, and the day was full of excitement!

Kevin planned on proposing to Emily after skydiving, and it went off successfully without a hitch. First, my wife’s youngest brother, Mike, went skydiving with his mom. It was particularly exciting for her because she had never gone skydiving before, or been on a plane! She cruised through the sky, jumped, and landed safely on the ground after a few minutes.

Next up was my wife’s dad. This was his second time jumping, and he also had a great time. Finally, Kevin and Emily were up! They went up in the plane, and Kevin jumped first. He got down quickly so that he could get ready for his big moment. Emily came down through the clouds not long after he did, and she was greeted with a huge banner on the ground that said “Emily, will you marry me?”. Tearfully and full of happiness, she said yes. Afterwards, there was champagne, celebrating, and joy all around. All of this made the rest of the vacation even more enjoyable for the whole family, and Kevin certainly was calmer after the big moment!

Congrats Kevin and Emily, on your new life to-be! And as was told me a few weeks ago, welcome to the family!

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