Kerry Mills Shoot

Last weekend I was able to meet one of my favorite photographers, Kerry Mills. She is a good friend of my aunt’s, and I first noticed her work when my aunt had maternity photos done by Kerry back in 2010. At the time, I was very new to the world of photography, and started emailing her asking for pointers and ways to improve. Fast forward 3 years, and we still email regularly talking about all things photo related. I cannot begin to say what an amazing help and mentor she has been to me over the past few years, and I certainly attribute a lot of where I am today with my business to her kindness in helping a total stranger out.

When we first started emailing, she lived in Georgia, which is a bit of a drive from me, but this past year she moved to Virginia with her family. We were finally able to meet up in person, and we sat and talked about photos for a while in a little coffee shop that is local to the Richmond area. It was so fun getting to tell stories in person, and the tea wasn’t bad either! After that, we headed out into the cobblestone roadways around town, and we did a double photoshoot of each other for some headshots to update our respective websites on (Kerry’s work of me can be seen on my About Page). I LOVE how her photos turned out. This was my first time in front of the lens, as opposed to being behind it, but Kerry was awesome at directing. I am going to post a few shots here of my shoot of her as a quick preview.

To wrap up, I owe Kerry a lot, and she has been an incredible teacher and friend over the past few years. I am thrilled that we got to meet up and do a shoot together, and I look forward to working with her again in the future! Also, if you are reading this, head over to her website and check out her work – you won’t be disappointed!






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