Friends! I’m so happy to be sharing this engagement with you today. Jamie and Anne are getting married in 2017, and naturally, we did an engagement shoot this year to celebrate! I actually have known Jamie my whole life – our mom’s have been friends since they were 4 years old! Our annual tradition used to be that our mom’s would take us out to Red Lobster after the end of every school year for a night of delicious cheese biscuits and celebration. I also remember playing Pokemon with him on vacation one year, so it’s safe to say we have been friends a long time!

I first met with this cute couple at a Starbucks to discuss their wedding, and what plans they had in place for it already. We talked about how they met, their proposal, and just got to know each other for a while. As luck would have it, we set the engagement shoot for two days later – they wanted to get some of the gorgeous fall colors before they went away.

We met bright and early (for a sunrise shoot!) in Georgetown, DC. For the next hour or so, we traipsed all around town – walking along the river, stopping for some great shots by trees and nature, and generally just having a great time. I really couldn’t be happier for these two – they make such a good couple, and I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding next year.

Enjoy the preview, and stay tuned in the coming months for their wedding photos!

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