Chuck & Tatiana Wedding

Happy Fall, friends!

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of Chuck and Tatiana (remember their engagement shoot?)! Their wedding was SO fun to photograph for a variety of reasons. I started my photography business around October of 2011. Fast forward five years and about 30 weddings, and we are caught up to Chuck and Tatiana’s big day! They got married at The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay, a gorgeous outside venue right on the water near Woodbridge, Virginia. This was particularly memorable to me because one of the very first weddings I shot was at The Osprey’s (all the way back in 2012!). Additionally, I always love shooting weddings for people I know, and as I mentioned in their engagement post, I have known Chuck and Tatiana both for a number of years now.

Their wedding day was perfect, despite the forecast showing lots of rain. The weather cleared up a few days before, and left us with sunny blue skies the whole day. The wedding ceremony was full of smiles and joy as Chuck serenaded Tatiana with his vows, they mixed their unity sand in front of all their loved ones, and they proclaimed their undying love for one another. It was a beautiful ceremony. Shortly thereafter, we headed out around the property for some family photos, bridal party photos, and eventually, solo shots of the newly married bride and groom!

Their reception was at the Hilton Garden Inn, also in Woodbridge, Virginia. When we arrived, cocktail hour was just wrapping up and the typical reception events unfolded. There were toasts, delicious food, stories shared among new and old friends, first dances, a bouquet toss, and LOTS of dancing. I think it is entirely possible that this was the best dancing crowd I have ever photographed, and I loved it!

Chuck and Tatiana, I wish you both all the best in your new life together as husband and wife. I hope you have many years of happiness ahead of you! Enjoy your photo preview!

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