Chuck & Tatiana Engagement

I first met Chuck and Tatiana back in college at George Mason University. At the time, I was working for the GMU Police Cadet program, one of the best jobs any college kid could ask for. Both Chuck and Tatiana were rookie cadets one summer, and I had the opportunity to train them on the job. As many patrol shifts went by over time, the two took an interest in one another and started dating. I’m very happy to say that they are now engaged to be married in 2016! What a great couple they make.

Tatiana reached out to me a while ago when they got engaged, and asked if I would shoot their wedding next year. I happily agreed (I love when friends ask me to be a part of their big day!), and last weekend we went out in the crisp, fall weather to Burke Lake Park for their engagement shoot. The lighting was gorgeous (sunset shoots always are – can someone say golden lighting?!) and it reflected the happiness that these two showed the entire time.

We traipsed around the park, moving from the lake (where the park employees graciously didn’t stop us from going on the restricted pier for photos) to grassy fields, wooded areas, and secluded groves. This was actually my first time at the park, and I’d highly recommend it for any photographer looking to have a great shoot location.

Congrats on the engagement, Chuck and Tatiana – I look forward to shooting your wedding in 2016!

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