Mike & Kirstin Engagement

Hello friends and guests to the blog! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph Mike and Kirstin’s engagement photos. These two are such a sweet couple. I have known Kirstin since high school (we both went to Seton high school in Manassas, VA), and she got engaged earlier this year. I ended up meeting Mike before the two of them dated, as him and I met at George Mason University¬†for college. Imagine my surprise when these two started dating!

We met up right around sunset on Sunday evening for an enchanting shoot at one of my favorite local venues – Bull Run Winery. After walking around the grounds for some shots among all the foliage (and a bunch of people looking onward and smiling at the newly engaged couple), we drove down the road to the Manassas National Battlefield for part 2 of the shoot. We wrapped up just as the sun was setting for the evening!

Congrats, you two, on your engagement, and I look forward to shooting your wedding in 2016. Enjoy the preview of their day below!

Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_001 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_003 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_004 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_005 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_008 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_009 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_011 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_013 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_015 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_016 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_017 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_018 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_019 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_020 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_022 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_023 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_025 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_027 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_029 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_031 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_032 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_033 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_036 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_037 Bull_Run_Winery_Virginia_Engagement_Photos_039

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