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Russell’s Portrait Shoot

Recently, I got to take some portraits of my old roommate from college, Russell! He is launching a website soon, and more pictures from the shoot will be featured on it! He is a jazz musician in the Northern Virginia area. He also teaches drums, so if you know anyone in need of a teacher, [...]

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Katie’s Portrait Session

I love a good portrait session. There is always something really exciting about capturing the personality of a person one on one on location at a shoot. For this shoot, I had a stellar model named Katie. It was her first professional shoot, so she was a bit nervous, but I think she did wonderfully! [...]

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The Sloan Family

The other week I had the opportunity to head into Arlington and photograph the Sloan family! They were so much fun to photograph. We traipsed around a park nearby, and the lighting was superb. Baby Sloan was so animated the entire shoot, and I could tell from my small time with this family that they [...]

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Blaise & Shani’s Wedding

Remember Shani and Blaise? I did engagement photos for them a while back, and now they are happily married! Last week I had the honor of photographing Shani & Blaise DuFrain’s wedding! Shani has been a close friend of mine for years (we met when I was 8!) and I went to high school with Blaise. [...]

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Goodbye 2012, and Hello 2013!

2012 was a big year for me. It was my first full year as a photographer. I feel like I have grown a lot, and I have learned some very valuable skills. I am lucky enough to say that I have had some great inspirations and teachers that have shown me a great deal about [...]

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The Mills Family

Cute overload. That is what I have to say about photographing baby Addyson with her family last week. They were a ton of fun to work with, and little Addyson made some hilarious faces! She didn’t want to make any smiles, but the second I put my camera away, she couldn’t stop grinning. What a [...]

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Marianna Panning Newborn Shoot

Last week, I had the opportunity to photograph Marianna Panning, this adorable newborn! Nate (Marianna’s dad) was my old drum teacher, and I couldn’t be happier helping them create some awesome memories of Marianna’s first few months in the world. I was particularly excited for this shoot because it was my first newborn shoot ever! [...]

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Jon & Kira

Nothing says celebrating a happy new couple like a photoshoot! Jon and Kira are a great match, and they were a ton of fun to photo. We traipsed around Old Town Warrenton and stopped at an Irish Pub for some dinner. It was a great time, and I look forward to more photos in the [...]

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About a week ago I had the opportunity to photograph Vivacious! If you haven’t checked them out, you should do so asap. They are a really solid band in the Northern Virginia area, and they bring an awesome beat to the stage. These guys were a blast to photograph. Enjoy the photos!

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Caribbean Cruise 2012

A week ago, I got to take a vacation with my mom to the Caribbean on a Carnival cruise ship. It was an unbelievably great trip – the scenery was awesome, the cruise itself was full of activities and stuff to do all day long! If you are looking for a good way to vacation, [...]

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The Panning Family Maternity Shoot

Last week I got to spend part of the afternoon with the Panning family taking pictures of Nate, Andrea, Tristan, and a new little one on the way! I am so excited for them. I had such a blast, and can’t wait to take newborn shots once the baby is born! They just found out [...]

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Diana & Matt Wedding

Diana and Matt were the most calm couple I have seen on a wedding day. They appeared to be completely stress free and focused on the most important thing – the fact that they are committing to each other for life! They were a great match, and the ceremony was beautiful. It took place in [...]

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Torrey Family Reunion

Recently I went and shot photos for the Torrey family reunion! They are one of the largest families that I know, so it was really awesome seeing them all together under one roof. They had burgers and hot dogs, a great pool, games, and a good time all around. I am so happy I got [...]

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Shani & Blaise Engagement

I have known Shani & Blaise for a long time, and I couldn’t be happier for them and their future together! I met Shani when I was eight, and Blaise when I was about twelve. These two are a perfect match for each other, and I am sure they will have an awesome life together. [...]

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Stefanie & John Wedding

Stefanie and John met at a bar while John was in the Navy, and it was love at first sight. They instantly hit it off, and are now married! Everything went so well at this wedding – the lighting, the outdoor/natural feel to it (my personal favorite!), and above all, the people. Everyone was in [...]

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Travis’ Senior Portraits

Graduation – what an exciting time in life! I am available for both high school and college graduation photos, and this shoot was for Travis’ college graduation from George Mason University! This guy has a bright future ahead of him, as he is going to become a police officer in the Northern Virginia area. I [...]

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The Smith Family

I recently photographed the Smith Family at Theodore Roosevelt Island on the border of DC! We had such a fun time hiking around the island looking for good spots to snap some shots (how’s that for alliteration). Baby Blake was adorable, and smiled for almost all of the pictures! He was such a ham. Lindsey [...]

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The Mark Brandt Trio

If you live in Virginia and are looking for an awesome jazz trio to hear one day, I highly recommend visiting their website here. They are a very talented group of individuals, and they make some amazing music. I have had the pleasure of going to a number of their gigs over the years, and they will [...]

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Idaho Vacation 2012

I love the Northern Virginia area, but I also love traveling out west every year to see the other half of my family. My dad works for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and lives in Idaho with my stepmom and my little brother and sister. Once or twice a year I get to fly out [...]

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The Clark Family

I have known Christina Clark for many years now. I met her when I was about nine years old at an ice skating rink that I was taking lessons at. A few years ago, Christina married a great guy named Sonoell, and they now have a beautiful baby girl. I had the privilege of taking these family [...]

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